Marketing & Social Media

Our Marketing Department is broken down into three divisions Strategy, Implementation and Analysis, and Social Media Management. Each division is chosen depending on budget and needs of your company.   

Read the brief overview of each:


This is the beginner’s step where the strategy of your marketing campaign is created. The Strategy Division creates a monthly, quarterly, or yearly campaign that caters to the goals of your sales and changes it as they see fit according to the response given each month. Based on the overview of the company your strategy partner would advise what to focus on during each month and/or quarter of the year based on Industry highlights throughout the year. 

Implementation and Analysis

This is the execution of the strategy. This division runs the campaigns, tracks the affiliates, reports the analytics, and creates the visual assets that are geared towards the strategist plan. They review the demographic data that your industry supports and implements campaigns that goes directly to your catered demographic.

Social Media Manager 

The social media manager runs all your social media accounts by posting, engaging, researching hash tags, raising your following, engaging with like minded business and making sure Facebook ads are approaching correct demographics.

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