Customer Service & Executive Assistant

Five-Fold Group was created to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners grow their staff in conjunction with cashflow and their success. We understand that everyone can’t afford to hire, train, and delegate department heads when building their business, and that’s where we would like to step in!

Five-Fold Group is here to help run and organize the operations of your business according to your standards and company culture. One of the most crucial departments is our Customer Service and Executive Assistant department!

The Customer Service and Executive Assistant's department is here to be your voice to your customers and allow you to stay current on all customer deadlines and keep your operations running smoothly. We handle your emails, orders, trouble shooting, and much more!

By replacing employees, with Five-Fold Group your money gets stretched with multiple personnel’s and takes away the headache of overhead, organization, office space, delegation, vacation days and sick days. With our full time positions we offer back up for vacation time and sick days, we cover mileage for rides within 15 miles of office location, and we offer 10 hours of conference room/work space for face to face meetings that need to be in an office setting.

We offer full time, part time, and hourly positions at rates you wouldn't find anywhere else!

How does the process work?

  1. Your Account Manager would go over the needs and the job description that you are searching for.
  2. Create the job description and proposal for your review
  3. Introduce you to the staff that will be handling your account
  4. Start working and leave you a statement of account daily or weekly.
  5. All staff would be fully vetted and interviewed prior to being on your account and with all our staff working together, we are confident that we will be the extended work family that you are looking for.

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